🎶 Rasathi

🎙️ Vineeth Sreenivasan, Liya Susan Verghese
📽️ Aravindante Athidhikal (= Aravindan’s guests, Malayalam, 2018)
▶️ YouTube, Hotstar

In simplicity lies the ultimate beauty. It is the glory of expressions. Something which easily reaches out to everybody’s hearts and clasps to the bosom. Aravindan and Varada’s story has been beautifully woven in a sweet, simple song – ‘Rasathi’!

Remarkably this song is kept short, comprising only of a single para. The lucid lyrics feel like genuine call of happy-go-lucky Aravindan’s heart. Simple, yet soulful and appealing.

Varada’s little trip to Aravindan’s village-his own little world, makes him happier. His world is now no lesser than a celebration, and she is a part of it. His heart calls out to her- to be with him a little longer, to be by his side, to walk along. Little does he know that this is the prelude of his love!
‘Rasathi ennai vittu pogathedi, thee kayum nerathu nee padedi!
(Dear Princess, please do not go away, wait back and sing along with me as we sit around the bonfire) .

However as all good things come to an end, so does Varada’s trip. As she begins to leave, there is a void that is formed in Aravindan’s world. He wants to stop her, but he knows he can’t.

‘Ediye rasathi, ediye rasathi
Enndino ee vazhi vannu nee? Nenjile chillayil ninnu nee?

(Hey beautiful princess, hey princess!
Why did you come my way? Why did you stop on the branch in my heart?) .

The soothing music plus the simple words are subtle expression of the state of separation from a loved one. Often some people proceed their way and the pangs of separation continue being alive with the others left back. All the former ones can do are little beseechings for the others to stay back.

The prominent feature of this song is its simplicity- with the words, the pleasant visuals of Kollur and Kerala’s countryside and the culture. Vineeth Sreenivasan and Nikhila Vimal truly leave you spellbound. The words have been adorned by the enchanting voice of Liya Susan Verghese & Vineeth Sreenivasan himself.Th

The translation of this beautiful song has been taken from PaattinteParibhasha on WordPress. Thank you, Thumbi!

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